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Victor Espinoza films 811 Public Service Announcement!

August 27th, 2014

USA North 811 participated with the Common Ground Alliance’s PSA starring Kentucky Derby and Preakness winning jockey Victor Espinoza. The thirty second PSA is set to be released at the CGA Annual Conference in March of 2015. The PSA was filmed throughout picturesque Del Mar Racetrack located in Southern California. USA North 811 was accompanied by DigAlert and Kentucky 811, three of the four original founding partners for the Kentucky Derby Sponsorship. Dig Safely New York, the fourth partner was not able to attend the production due to scheduling.


Victor Espinoza studying the PSA script


Victor and his ride posing in the Del Mar paddock


Victor Espinoza and David Tanner of NXNW Productions


Victor and horse taking a lap in the paddock

USA North 811 Coverage Area Map

August 25th, 2014

Whether you are in California or Florida, the number to call is the same! 811 is a national three digit service number that can be called throughout the United States to notify utility members of your excavation.  When you dial 811, your call is routed to the regional notification center for your area, that information is then passed on to the utility members on your excavation site.

Here is an in depth map of our coverage area here at USA North 811. We cover all of Northern and Central California, as well as the entire state of Nevada! Click here for the list of counties we serve.


811 Partner Decals

August 25th, 2014

USA North 811 is launching a new damage prevention tool that will create awareness in communities with your help! Our goal is to increase the brand identity of the national 811 logo throughout our service area (Northern / Central California & Nevada). We want the 811 message in front of the public’s eye every time they are on the road; we can achieve this by partnering with each other.

We would like to partner with you by supplying your fleet with the new 811 Safe Digging Partner Decal. The decal comes in 3 sizes: 6”, 9” and 12”. Please contact  to outfit your fleet with this free damage prevention tool.


-Marketing & Education Team 

811 in the Kentucky Derby, scratch that, Triple Crown!

August 22nd, 2014

USA North 811 spearheaded a campaign along with DigAlert, Dig Safely New York and Kentucky 811 that put the “Call 811” safety message in front of millions of viewers at the Kentucky Derby. After the success of the Derby, the four call centers wanted to continue the partnership with jockey Victor Espinoza but needed to raise the necessary funds within a very short time period. Victor was already getting other potential sponsor offers the day after the Derby. At that point in time, we reached out to the Common Ground Alliance who put the word out to the industry. Within a few hours, the CGA had pledges from Call Centers, Utilities and other industry groups from across the nation. Once the money was raised, the sponsorship with Victor continued in the Preakness and the Belmont. Victor Espinoza and California Chrome went on to win the 139th Preakness Stakes in Baltimore, MD on May 17th. The Belmont is the third and final leg of the Triple Crown, with California Chrome winning the first two races, the media was buzzing around a feat that hadn’t happened since 1978. Although Victor Espinoza and California Chrome didn’t finish first in the Belmont Stakes, they rode a safety message that won a Triple Crown for an industry.

140th Kentucky Derby Replay with Post Race

139th Preakness Replay with Post Race



811 and the Kentucky Derby

April 25th, 2014

Photo Credits: Alex Evers

USA North 811 along with its partners Dig Alert (USA South), Dig Safely New York, and Kentucky 811 are excited to announce their official sponsorship of Jockey Victor Espinoza in the 140th running of the Kentucky Derby.

In this year’s race, Espinoza will be riding California Chrome. California Chrome has won his last four races, including the Grade 1 Santa Anita Derby on April 5th and is the overwhelming favorite in the Derby running on Saturday May 3rd.

This sponsorship is a wonderful opportunity to promote the lifesaving message of Call 811 Before You Dig to the over 16 million viewers watching the race on NBC, as well as the millions of viewers who will be watching coverage of the event leading up to race day.

Join us in rooting for Espinoza and California Chrome as they spread the Call 811 Before You Dig message all the way to the winners circle!

Here is the Design that will be worn by Jockey Victor Espinoza for the Derby.

Here is the Design that will be worn by Jockey Victor Espinoza for the 140th Kentucky Derby.




World Ag Expo (2/11-2/13)

February 19th, 2014

The World Ag Expo in Tulare, CA is the largest Ag event in the world. The annual event showcases everything you can imagine in regards to agriculture. Everything from farming equipment to cattle feed to fertilizers, if it was agriculture it was there! The three day event was expected to have over 100,000 attendees and 1300 exhibitors; one of those 1300 exhibitors was USA North 811!

USA North 811 educated attendees with the important knowledge of the 811 service. Our team had a quick and easy survey that will provide a sample of 811 awareness in the Central California Valley. We enticed attendees to stop and take our survey by giving them a chance to win 1 of 3 Apple iPad minis and a free 811 drawstring bag. The bright green bags were highly visible which served as an additional advertisement for the “Call 811 Before You Dig” message.

USA North 811 wasn’t the only organization that was educating the public of the Call 811 Before You Dig message; we also had many of our members that were doing the same! Shell Pipeline Company and Pacific Gas & Electric had great interactive experiences at the show. Here are a few pics from there booths!

Car Capture

The Shell Penzoil Ford Fusion Car brought in a crowd!


  Shell Capture

The 811 message was everywhere in the Shell Booth!

 Shell wheel Capture

The 811 Wheel of Fortune!

PGE capture

Pacific Gas & Electric’s area

Bobcat Capture

They even let you test drive the equipment!

patrice Capture

Patrice Heyer at the USA North 811 Booth


First S.A.F.E. event of 2014

January 16th, 2014

USA North 811’s first safety event of the year in Oakland, CA was a huge success! The event had 95 attendees in the Joaquin Miller Community Center. This was a great turnout for a city hosting a first year event. Attendees also received vital information regarding California Government Code 4216 and CalOSHA title 8 requirements presented by Patrice Heyer of USA North 811. Each attendee went home with a full stomach of catered food which was made possible from our membership and two Annual Sponsors: Shell Pipeline Company and Pacific Gas & Electric.

Next on the calendar is Henderson, NV which will be our first Cliff Meidl Event of the year! Seats are still available, so sign up today. To view a list of upcoming S.A.F.E. Events in our coverage area click on the link below.


USA North 811

Marketing & Education Team






The New Website has Launched! (1/2/14)

December 31st, 2013


As you can see, the new and improved USA North 811 website is online! To give you a background on the project, we first looked at multiple vendors but ultimately choose Wafflehaus Media based in San Diego, CA. Wafflehaus Media had a great portfolio and even better customer service, the company’s founder and Co-CEO personally worked with us first hand. ( )

After finding the right vendor, we had to decide on the layout and design of the website. Our main objective was that we wanted to be very user friendly while also providing everything an excavator would need to know about the 811 service. With that being said, we choose a “flow” layout which gave us competitive edge with website techniques that are currently being used by Fortune 500 companies. (Here is an example of Apple’s website that uses the flow layout )

The “flow” allows a viewer to continuously scroll down the page. This type of layout has become prominent in today’s society because of social media websites like Facebook and Twitter which engages its viewers to scroll down further and further on news feed.

Along with the “flow”, we went with a “flat” design. This design allows viewers to easily absorb the information without overwhelming their senses which has become the norm with today’s technological advances. The latest Mac Iphone and Microsoft Windows operating systems both use a flat design. The icons used in a flat design are simple, to the point and do not use an abundance of complex graphics. Once again, this reinforced our goal of creating a useful and informative website for everyone that views it.

Once the skeleton of design and layout was decided, we started refining each page. The first page we had created was the “splash” page; this is the page you see after your initial click on The “splash” page is vital because it is the first impression viewers will conceive when visiting our website. Equally important, this is also where we segment each of our target markets: the Homeowner, Excavator and Utility Operator. By segmenting each page, it allowed us to have custom mold for each type of excavation category. We know first time homeowner callers have different questions and needs when compared to a utility operator or contractor. Each page provides the most significant information to each excavator in the order of importance.

After a few mock-ups from Wafflehaus Media, we continued to chisel away and refine the information which ultimately gave us what you are viewing today. We hope you enjoy it and let us know if there is anything we can improve!

USA North 811

Marketing & Education Team

Welcome to the new blog of USA North 811 – Digging Deeper!

December 30th, 2013

Along with our Facebook and Twitter pages, we will be up frequently updating our new blog – Digging Deeper!  On our new blog we will feature news, information and updates on all things 811 and underground damage prevention.  Check back regularly!