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Design Inquiry

Design Inquiry Membership:

The Design Inquiry Membership provides participants with 24/7 access to USA North’s online engineering contact information inquiry program. The resulting inquiries provide the participant with a list of the engineering contact information for each USA North member who may have facilities at the designated design site, in order to expedite their design process.

Using the USA North member engineering contact information, you will be able to contact each USA North Member identified, and request that they provide you with their underground facility as-built drawings, red-line their facilities on your design drawings, and/or discuss your design work with them.

Important information:

Your unique user name and password must be kept secure at all times. Sharing it with others will result in immediate termination of your Design Inquiry Membership

The Design Inquiry Member assumes total responsibility for selecting a correct and accurate design site USA North will only display USA North members who indicate that they may have underground facilities at the design site at the time and date that the design inquiry is submitted. Each design inquiry is time and date stamped for this purpose. It is the responsibility of the Design Inquiry Member to contact any non-USA North facility owners at the design site.

Sharing the USA North Design Inquiry engineering contact information with affiliate organizations or other 3rd party entities will result in immediate termination of your Design Inquiry Membership.

Design Inquiry Members agree to hold USA North harmless against any and all claims arising out of the design site that they entered.
Annual Design Inquiry Membership Fee for non-USA North members – $132.00 annually

Includes 1 user name and password per company
Affiliate organizations are required to have their own Design Inquiry Membership
Additional intra-company Design Inquiry memberships – $30.00 annually
To become a Design Inquiry member or to find out more information, please complete the following