Key dates to remember


DPP training for utility members

Tuesday & Thursday

OCA training for contractors & excavators

Thursday -> Friday

The cutover is taking place at 12:00 AM on Friday Morning

Please Note:
  • The OneCallAccess (OCA) program is state specific. If you create tickets in California, you will need to use the California version of OCA. If you create tickets in Nevada, you will need to use the Nevada version.
  • COMPANY NAME: When you get to the question that asks for your Company Name, you will likely find your company’s name is not listed. If that is the case, you will see at the top of the list an option that reads --Not Listed--. Select that, and there will be a line where you can manually add it.
  • WILL I STILL BE ABLE TO SEE MY TICKETS WITHIN THE OLD SYSTEM (Newtin) AFTER THE CUTOVER? Yes, you will still have access to your E-ticket account until the end of 2022. You will be able to look at your “Recent” tab, and use the “Search” tab to look up by expiring, street, place and county, as before. However, you will not, be able to make new tickets, or take actions on tickets within the old system after the cutover. It is advised that you bookmark the old ticket link so you can refer back to it, should you need to look at any existing tickets in the old system.
  • You will only be able to submit tickets in the new system after we complete the cutover on midnight of December 16th.
  • Until then, you will need to continue creating tickets in the current Newtin system.

For more information on how to use the new system, including features like Ticket Sharing, visit our Online Ticket Training playlist on YouTube.


We are currently offering One Call Access (OCA) training for excavators to get a preliminary look at the ticket entry platform. These trainings will give you an inside look at the changes and improvements made to the ticket entry system, including critical information for you to know about the cutover and how you will need to create and manage your tickets moving forward. If you would like to sign up for one of our bi-weekly webinars on Tuesdays or Thursdays that detail the new One Call Access ticket entry platform, please use the following link or QR code to sign up:

Ticket Entry Webinar

We will have recordings of our webinars on YouTube and our website, along with all the necessary links, training videos and documents to get you up to speed on what you need for this system cutover.

Video Resources

Take a look at our video breakdowns of some of the most crucial functions of the OneCallAccess system. We will be adding to these offerings, and updating them when necessary. There’s a general ‘how to’ on making tickets, and one for the sharing tickets process. We also have a video for the temporary issue of managing tickets from the previous system that are still active. Different ticket location types are addressed with our Point and Continuous location video lessons.

Web Operations Contacts


Christian Olesen

Habla Español

Dulze Ochoa


Sarah Vesper


Kattie Beckett


Josh Chapa


Lorie Mueller


Our goal is to ensure as smooth as a transition as possible for all of our excavators and utility members, so please make sure you are up to speed on the changes that will be going live on 12/16/22. If you are a utility member it is CRITICAL that you confirm your new account information is up to date with us and that you are aware of the ticket changes that will occur with this transition.

Please make sure to join us in one of our upcoming webinars or reach out to us directly to confirm you are prepared for the cutover.


We are offering weekly Damage Prevention Portal trainings to assist our Utility Members/Operators in learning how to update their area of interest, change ticket subscriptions and destinations, as well as keep all contact information current and run detailed ticket system reporting. If you have yet to attend a training, sign up for a class today!

Video Resources

For more information on how set up / approve your new account in the Damage Prevention Portal (for Utility Members who receive tickets and locate facilities for excavation) visit our video resources on Youtube.

Damage Prevention Portal Login

For Utility Members who receive tickets and locate facilities for excavation

Utility Member Services Contacts

Nick White

Member Services Manager

Nathan Oliver

Member Services Specialist 925-222-6512

Germain Suess

Member Services Specialist 925-270-0339

Trevor Harris

Member Services Specialist 925-222-6516