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The New Website has Launched! (1/2/14)


As you can see, the new and improved USA North 811 website is online! To give you a background on the project, we first looked at multiple vendors but ultimately choose Wafflehaus Media based in San Diego, CA. Wafflehaus Media had a great portfolio and even better customer service, the company’s founder and Co-CEO personally worked with us first hand. ( )

After finding the right vendor, we had to decide on the layout and design of the website. Our main objective was that we wanted to be very user friendly while also providing everything an excavator would need to know about the 811 service. With that being said, we choose a “flow” layout which gave us competitive edge with website techniques that are currently being used by Fortune 500 companies. (Here is an example of Apple’s website that uses the flow layout )

The “flow” allows a viewer to continuously scroll down the page. This type of layout has become prominent in today’s society because of social media websites like Facebook and Twitter which engages its viewers to scroll down further and further on news feed.

Along with the “flow”, we went with a “flat” design. This design allows viewers to easily absorb the information without overwhelming their senses which has become the norm with today’s technological advances. The latest Mac Iphone and Microsoft Windows operating systems both use a flat design. The icons used in a flat design are simple, to the point and do not use an abundance of complex graphics. Once again, this reinforced our goal of creating a useful and informative website for everyone that views it.

Once the skeleton of design and layout was decided, we started refining each page. The first page we had created was the “splash” page; this is the page you see after your initial click on The “splash” page is vital because it is the first impression viewers will conceive when visiting our website. Equally important, this is also where we segment each of our target markets: the Homeowner, Excavator and Utility Operator. By segmenting each page, it allowed us to have custom mold for each type of excavation category. We know first time homeowner callers have different questions and needs when compared to a utility operator or contractor. Each page provides the most significant information to each excavator in the order of importance.

After a few mock-ups from Wafflehaus Media, we continued to chisel away and refine the information which ultimately gave us what you are viewing today. We hope you enjoy it and let us know if there is anything we can improve!

USA North 811

Marketing & Education Team