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Frequently Asked Questions

  • +How do I register or update my service area

    On the Utility Operators page you will find a section for Service Area Registration.  Click on the associated link and login with your approved login supplied by USA North 811.  Once inside, you will be able to update your service area following the steps in the Service Area Registration Walk Through.  If you need further instructions on how to use the Service Area Registration program, or if you do not currently have a Service Area Registration login, please contact our Member Services Department at

  • +How do I respond to tickets in my service area?

    You are required to positively respond to each ticket you receive.  You may respond in one of three ways: 1) mark or stake the horizontal path of your facility at the job site, 2) provide information to the excavator about the location of your facility, or 3) advise the excavator of clearance.

    With our free online ticket management system, WebTMS, you can positively respond electronically to the excavator through the program.  For more information about WebTMS, please click here

  • +How can I update my company’s contact information?

    You can update your companies information by contacting our Member Services Department at

  • +Who Should Contact 811?

    For your personal safety, as well as the safety of your community, we encourage everyone who is digging, excavating, drilling, trenching, grading, etc. to Contact 811 Before They Dig. State and Local laws may exclude some from the responsibility of calling, and those laws can be found in our Excavation Laws section.

  • +Why am I getting tickets outside of my service area?

    If you are getting tickets outside of your service area it is generally due to an un-managed service area.  To check on the status of your current uploaded service area, please login through the Service Area Registration link located on the Utility Operators page to review your Service Area and make any necessary changes.  For step by step instructions on how to login and update your service area, review the Service Area Registration Walkthrough.  If you are still having trouble logging in to view your service area, please contact our Member Services Department at

  • +How do I change where I receive my tickets?

    Account representatives and approved contacts can contact our Member Services Department at, and request for your ticket destination(s) to be changed.  If you do not know who your account representative is, or are unsure if you are an approved contact, please contact our Member Services Department for further assistance.


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