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Safety Awareness for Excavators

We are currently finalizing our Safety Awareness for Excavation Presentation schedule for 2019. Please see the locations below and check back soon for a complete list of events and dates.

  • February
    • Stockton, CA - 2/21/19 - 525 North Center Street - 7 AM Start
    • Oakland, CA - 2/27/19 - 1755 Embarcadero - 7 AM Start
  • March
    • Sacramento, CA - 3/15/19 - SMUD - Rubicon Room - 6301 S. Street - 7 AM Start
    • San Francisco, CA - 3/28/19 - United Irish Cultural Center - St. Patrick's III Room -2700 45th Ave - 7 AM Start
  • April
    • San Jose, CA - 4/10/19 - Kelley Park - Okayama Room - 1300 Senter Rd - 7 AM Start
    • Fresno, CA - 4/25/19 - PG&E Clubhouse - 2252 S. Orange Ave - 7 AM Start
    • Visalia, CA - 4/26/19 - Visalia Convention Center - 303 E. Acequia - 7 AM Start
  • May
    • Concord, CA - 5/2/19 - Willow Pass Community Center - 2748 East Olivera Rd - 7 AM Start
    • Redding, CA - 5/22/19 - Shasta Builders Exchange - 5800 Airport Rd - 7 AM Start
    • Chico, CA - 5/23/19 - Chico Area Rec. & Park District - 545 Vallombrosa Ave - 7 AM Start
  • June
    • Santa Cruz, CA
    • Mill Valley, CA
    • Suisun City, CA
  • July
    • Redwood City, CA
    • Oakland, CA
    • Eureka, CA
  • August
    • Stockton, CA
    • San Luis Obispo, CA
    • Bakersfield, CA
  • September
    • Fresno, CA
    • Merced, CA
    • Salinas, CA
  • October
    • Sacramento, CA
    • Auburn, CA
    • Salinas, CA
  • November
    • South San Francisco, CA
    • Santa Rosa, CA

Board of Directors Meetings hosted at USA North 811

  • 1/23/19 USA North 811 Board of Directors Meeting
  • 5/1/19 USA North 811 Board of Directors Meeting
  • 7/24/19 USA North 811 Board of Directors Meeting
  • 10/23/19 USA North 811 Board of Directors Meeting

Other Events

Project Design

If you are not excavating within the next 14 calendar days a ticket cannot be submitted since the project is in the design phase. To acquire infrastructure information/ location for design purposes, the engineering department of each utility operator must be contacted. USA North 811 provides the Utility Member Contact Lookup tool free of charge. Please use the button below to generate a list of design/engineering contacts.

List of Holidays

The following is a list of Holidays recognized by California and Nevada. Both California and Nevada One-Call Laws do not allow Federal or State Holidays to be included as part of the legal notice for the excavation notification. For holidays that occur on Saturdays, USA NORTH 811 will observe the holiday the Friday before the holiday. For holidays that occur on Sundays, they will be observed on the following Monday.

Date Holidays State Center Effects Legal Start Time
01/01/2019 New Years Day CA/NV Open Yes
01/21/2019 Martin Luther King Jr. CA/NV Open Yes
02/12/2019 Lincoln’s Birthday CA Open Yes
02/18/2019 Presidents Day CA/NV Open Yes
04/01/2019 Cesar Chavez Day CA Open Yes
05/27/2019 Memorial Day CA/NV Open Yes
07/04/2019 Independence Day CA/NV Open Yes
09/02/2019 Labor Day CA/NV Open Yes
10/14/2019 Columbus Day CA Open Yes
10/25/2019 Nevada Day NV Open Yes
11/11/2019 Veterans Day CA/NV Open Yes
11/28/2019 Thanksgiving Day CA/NV Open Yes
11/29/2019 Day After Thanksgiving CA/NV Open Yes
12/25/2019 Christmas Day CA/NV Open Yes

Contact Center Stats

Dirt Reports

Welcome to the USA North 811 DIRT portal. Follow the below steps to input your data for either California or Nevada. NOTE: DIRT reporting is done on an anonymous basis and is a tool for data collecting, not enforcement of excavation law. All personal information for the individual entering the report will be removed.

If you are trying to input DIRT data for California only, please click the link below to submit your report to the California DIRT Page: (NOTE: When you submit your data through the CA DIRT portal, a report will also be transmitted to the National DIRT program as well fulfilling any National reporting requirements you might have)

or click the link below to download and print out a copy of the CA DIRT form for use in the field:

If you are trying to input DIRT data for Nevada only, please click the link below to submit your report to the National CGA DIRT Page:

Electronic Positive Response

Membership Application

For more information on becoming a member of USA North 811, fill out the form below!!

CGA Best Practices

List of Members

Mission & History

Mission Statement

To cultivate public safety and damage prevention by creating cohesive lines of communication between excavators and utility operators. Our vision of transparency and fluidity is streamlined by exceptional customer service and public education. We aim to surpass One Call industry best practice standards and inspire inclusive participation from stakeholders.


USA North 811 began operation in May of 1975 & incorporated as a 501 (c)(6) Non-Profit Mutual Benefit Corporation in 1986. Our objective is to receive planned excavation reports from public or private excavators and to transmit those planned excavation reports to all participating utility members of USA North 811 who may have facilities in and around that excavation site. Our members will either: 1) mark or stake the horizontal path of their facility, 2) provide information about the location of their facility, or 3) advise the excavator of clearance, for facilities that they own.

Ticket Research Service


Sustaining Members & Private Locators

Sustaining Members

Central California Irrigation District

Los Banos, CA - 209-826-1421

M & M Electric

Sacramento, CA 916-929-0150

The Don Chapin Company Inc.

Salinas, CA 831-444-4191

Underground Construction Company Inc

Benicia, CA 707-746-8800

Wattis Construction Company Inc.

San Jose, CA 408-293-3669

Private Locators

Global Utility Tracking System

Courtland, CA 209-993-2700

Instrument Technology Corp

Sebastopol, CA 800-519-1998

Pacific Coast Locators

La Crescenta, CA 818-249-7700

Underground Utility Detection Services

Crescent City, CA 707-954-4164